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Text Statistics

More About Text Statistics

The goal of this tool is to provide details about your text, breaking down its data.

You can paste the text, or start typing directly into the box, it will automatically show a right box with all the text statistics, and it will be updated as soon anything changes on the text.

The data

  • Time to Read: An estimation of how much time would take to read the text, taking into consideration the average reader that can read 200 words per minute
  • Time to Speak: An estimation of how much time would take to speak the text, taking into consideration the average speaking time of 130 words per minute
  • Size in bytes: The number of bytes on the provided text
  • Size in kilobytes: The number of kilobytes on the provided text
  • Words: The total amount of words in the text
  • Total characters: The total of characters in the text
  • Characters: The total of non-space characters in the text
  • Spaces: The total amount of spaces
  • Paragraphs: Number of paragraphs in the text
  • Words per paragraph: Average words per paragraph
  • Lines: Number of lines in the text

Use Cases

Software and web development

Text is one of the most frequent types of content you need to handle while developing, basically any application or website you will eventually come across some string related task.

During the development process, especially while testing, you will probably be required to test specific string sizes both in length and bytes, say for setting a validation method or specifying a field on a database.

For students

It is common for assignments to have a specific size in words or characters as a requirement. This tool can help you to be sure to meet those requirements.

Social media

With such a fast-paced world we live in, especially on social media, it is crucial to make every character count, not just that, but some social networks like Twitter have a restrictive message size.


Have an idea of how much time your speech or talk will take.

It can vary depending on how fast you speak or read, but it is a valuable indicator to adjust not just the overall time used but also the pace.

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